Sunday, September 8, 2019

We Are The Tribulation Saints

We are the Last Generation:

Open your eyes: My mission is to help, guide and strengthen anyone who is sincerely seeking spiritual truth. We are sent as light into this dark world to show others the way of eternal life. By cutting through all the dead religious non-sense, we can embrace spiritual truth and power that will transform our souls. I am here to help you remove the spiritual blindness and see the light of God's Truth through his only begotten Son, Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Lukewarm, Backslidden and/or Addicted Christians

A Few things that will help you:

1) You must learn about FASTING or you will never change/ Fasting Playlist:

2)                    Watch this playlist of videos - It will help - I will do almost anything to REPENT - 

3)                    Watch this playlist of videos also - Addictions - 

4)                    Read my testimony about how GOD set me free - 

5) Try to fellowship with Strong believers - Chat room Into: Come Join our ONLINE Chat Room on Sundays 5-9 pm (ET) NYC Time.  It's free. Go to: - Set up your Free Account - At the TIME WE ARE OPEN - you can find our Chat Room - which is called: "Beware of Spiritual Deception." It is located in the Spiritual/Religion/Christian Area. Be sure to add my user-name Levi77 at the TIME WE ARE OPEN or you will not find us) - 5-9 pm Only

6) Bless You - Also, if you have not already, please, sign up at my web-site so we can always stay connected. Sorry, if this is repetitive and annoying. Please forgive me. - If you have already signed up just ignore this. This is a back up plan in case anything ever happens to my Face Book or You-Tube accounts - Thanks for understanding -