Thursday, June 30, 2016

Lukewarm, Backslidden and/or Addicted Christians

A Few things that will help you:

1) You must learn about FASTING or you will never change/ Fasting Playlist:

2)                    Watch this playlist of videos - It will help - I will do almost anything to REPENT - 

3)                    Watch this playlist of videos also - Addictions - 

4)                    Read my testimony about how GOD set me free - 

5) Try to fellowship with Strong believers - Chat room Into: Come Join our ONLINE Chat Room on Sundays 5-9 pm (ET) NYC Time.  It's free. Go to: - Set up your Free Account - At the TIME WE ARE OPEN - you can find our Chat Room - which is called: "Beware of Spiritual Deception." It is located in the Spiritual/Religion/Christian Area. Be sure to add my user-name Levi77 at the TIME WE ARE OPEN or you will not find us) - 5-9 pm Only

6) Bless You - Also, if you have not already, please, sign up at my web-site so we can always stay connected. Sorry, if this is repetitive and annoying. Please forgive me. - If you have already signed up just ignore this. This is a back up plan in case anything ever happens to my Face Book or You-Tube accounts - Thanks for understanding -